I’m a funder trying / thinking of funding digital services and want to know more

If you’re just starting to fund digital services, or considering funding them, these principles are a very useful foundation. They are drawn from years of experience of both grant makers funding digital services, and charities delivering them. They provide useful context about what charities should be doing when delivering digital services.

To help, read the descriptions of each principles – they show what charities should be doing to effectively create and deliver digital services.

You can also use our checklists. We’ve created two checklists. One of them helps you understand how well a charity you’re supporting, or thinking of supporting, is following a good digital process. The second is for charities themselves so that they can self-assess where they are doing well, or where there might be gaps in their work. We’d recommend you use these checklists yourself in your own assessment processes, or share them with the charities.

As well as the descriptions of the principles, we’ve created case studies associated with each one.  These should give you some background and context on how the principles can make a difference to charities and their service users.

Finally, there are recommended tools that can help you, or the charities you support, to implement the principles in their work.

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Other things you might want to consider:

These items are part of a larger overall Checklist for Funders. Take a look at the whole collection here:

The Funders Checklist

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